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In order to provide you a distinct life style for you to stay at home easily and happily just like on vacation, we extend the delicate texture of indoor furniture out of the door, and add individuality, modernization and comfort factors for you to forget noisy world and release yourself completely in individual private space. In addition, we integrate LED technology in designing furniture, and create fashionable unique atmosphere with glitz to interleave the spontaneous sentiment of Lounge with life. ~ Dream Fairy expects to create an ideal home life with you together.

Outdoor Furniture

LED Furniture



TRENDY GARDEN provides a series of new rechargeable LED luminous furniture to obviate the allocated ugly wires. Such innovative LED furniture is capable of remote control and various selectable emitting colors. The remote control allows you to preset desired speed or color. Alternatively, you may select a specific color for light emission. They could be used indoors and outdoors and be water resistant and sunshine resistant completely. As for cleaning, it is convenient by using alcohol. As the battery is used at the first time, please charge it fully by more than 8 hours. After that, 5 to 6 hours of charge are necessary. It may be used more than 7 to 8 hours. The material is PE environment friendly plastics.